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You will notice on the back of our product packaging a triangle, a circle & a square.

This design conveys our ethos which is the basis for everything we represent. 

"You know where, you know how, you know what."

You know where

All of our ingredients are locally & ethically sourced from Samoa, the South Pacific and New Zealand.

The triangle represents the triangle of Polynesia - where all your ingredients come from.

You know how

Our Samoan ingredients are grown on organic soil, tended by local family farmers. They are planted and harvested by real local people who own and work their own farms. What cannot be sourced from Samoa or the Pacific, is then ethically sourced from clean, green Aotearoa New Zealand - where all of our beautiful ingredients are carefully hand-spun with love to create products we are extremely proud of. The circle represents a Polynesian community who's pride in their produce have enabled these products to be made with care, pride and love.

You know what

None of our products contain any nasties.

On the back of our products you can see the very short ingredients list of exactly what's inside. Because our products are made fresh; we suggest you use them within 3 months of opening them. The base of our products is pure organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil. The square represents our products and the confidence we are proud to share with you, that we know exactly what's inside and what you're putting on your body.  

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